University Student Judiciary


Completed Student Judiciary applications must be submitted, on-line, by 11:59 PM on Monday, October 24th, 2016

  • While you are logged into the USJ application do not open additional tabs or browser sessions, this may inadvertently destroy your session cookies and cause a loss of your application data.

  • This application has a security time-out value of 60 minutes once you login, it's recommended that you save as you go by clicking the "Update my Application" button to ensure you don't lose your work. Save your application well before the expiration time. You may return to the application to continue making changes. Don't walk away from your application until you've completed or updated it to save your responses.

  • You may continue to edit your application until the cutoff time but you MUST confirm you have completed your application by indicating so (at the bottom of the application).

  • In addition to verifying basic information, you should be prepared to answer the following sections:

    • Other Colleges/Universities Attended (name, location, dates and degrees only)
    • Campus Involvement (University groups, organizations, clubs, etc., including positions held) both past, present and anticipated for the next academic year.
    • Honors and awards you have received.
    • Related Experiences (paid or volunteer) including the employer, dates and responsibilities.
    • Essay questions:

Question 1.   What do the principles of integrity, character, and ethics mean to you? Describe someone (they can be anyone, real or fictional) whom you believe embodies these principles. (200-300 words)


Question 2. In your view, what makes USJ an important asset to the University community?  (200-300 words)


Question 3: What is your anticipated graduation date (e.g. Spring 2017)?



*Please note, this information will not impact your eligibility for USJ. It is simply for record keeping purposes for the Office of Student Conduct. 


The University Student Judiciary Application is not open at this time.

If you have questions please contact the Office of Student Contact 301-314-8204.